My name is Anel Irela and I’m a 22 years. I live in a world full of marvelous things that I need to photograph in order to remember them & appreciate the details.

12074795_10153798021933313_8181857463866312382_nI’m studying my BA in Marketing & Communication and as a hobby I do photography with my Nikon D3200. I take my camera wherever I go and capture the objects, places, people, animals & anything that caughts my attention.

In this site, you’ll find many of my adventures captured with my camera and also with my mobile. I want to show to the world that everything that is around us is beautiful and has live, the only thing that we need to look at things with love and capture them. Here are my pictures to you from my heart.

Is not the camera that makes a photograph, is the HEART of the photographer.

-Anel Irela